Cihugong Palace

Cihugong Palace
Jinbaoli Cihugong palace commonly known as “ Jinbaoli Matsu Temple” has been a place for people crossing the sea while coming to Taiwan to reclaim wasteland in early days of the Qing Dynasty. It first made its permanent place in the home town of Kangxi during the year of Qing Dynasty. Present in the home town with respect and form is the “Gold Face Matsu” temple. It is guard and protector of the people and is also believed that it helps common people. Many people have been known to worship for “founder gold face Matsu” in this temple.
During the Jiajing Year of Qing Dynasty, the Matsu statue drifted about maritime and later was stranded on Yeliu coast near a cave like structure. This cave like structure later became a shrine named” Matsu Dong”. The legend is Matsu repeatedly defends fishermen and their fishing boat by preventing them from suffering any disasters or supernatural occurrences. The Matsu temple is located in a pointed out building a street named Jinbaoli. Mr. Huang Shi Jin, donated land to build the temple, with a field and a mountain nearby acting as the temple’s property. Established in the 14th year of Jiaqing (A.D.1809, the temple hall was completed and named (Tianhougong Palace). It is an enticing palace for the “founder gold face first Matsu”. This statue was to go back to Matsu shrine to house the statue and fit it with Yeliu in the temple at the same time. The plan was for people to meet at this central principality to pay their respects and honor. This inspired the erection of the second shrine of Matsu gold. Its title signifies of honorific title, then was later renamed “Cihugong palace”, in order to manifest Matsu”. The faith is for the hope of kindness if vast, with protection and helps all living creature
A heavy earthquake hit temple and collapsed parts of it in November of the sixth year of Tongzhi during the Qing Dynasty. It was rebuilt and finished in the 12th year of Tongzhi. The hall of the shrine, particularly the right and left side of the hall were rebuilt before more construction of the building was continued in the 27th year of Guangzu and with emphasis of reconstruction of the back wall of the hall The edifice was built and based on the same design of a similar palace located in Fujian Province in the 24th year of the Republic of China. The palace was built using the basic clock drum-towers on both sides of the entrance in the 65th year of the Republic of China. A constitutional system was put in “Jinbaoli Cihugong Palace of Taipei, Taiwan Province. A treasurer of a financial group was established in October of the 70th year of the Republic of China. It was built in the 76th years of the Republic of China to Matsu building. The whole building of Cihugong palace provides a panoramic view, and is a powerful, splendid site to be seen. For northern coast district residents, this is the most solemn religious holy land site
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